Buy your cannabis seeds at the best price! Tests and reviews on marijuana strains and suppliers

Welcome to, your guide to find the best cannabis seeds at the lowest prices!

To become an experienced cannabis grower, and before you really get a green thumb, it is essential to ask yourself a few questions. At present, many seed banks offer the sale of seeds of different types and for different purposes, which we will explain in this article. Good culture!

Selection of the best cannabis seed shops

Many players are present on this market, and we present here those who have caught our attention, by their seriousness, the quality of the phenotypes offered, the discreet delivery, and their availability in the world.

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Choose the best type of cannabis seed

Cannabis SativaThat’s it! You have made the decision to grow plants that are full of THC and CBD, because the legislation in your country allows you to do so. You have read the guides (such as “Culture en intérieur: La bible du jardinage indoor” by Jorge Cervantes), searched all the websites around cannabis cultivation, and interviewed all your friends who would have already tried the experience. You also know if you will plant indoors or outdoors, with the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. Indeed, in a temperate or cold climate, it will be necessary to select seeds strong enough to withstand slightly lower temperatures, or more limited exposure to the sun. Outdoor cultivation has the advantage of a higher harvest and yield, with many disadvantages (moulds, insects, etc.). In indoor cultivation, on the other hand, you will have the king’s choice, since it is you who will “generate” the climate, control the humidity, temperature, light, wind, water pH… Not to mention the fact that you will be less exposed to invasions of red spiders and other small bugs fond, like you, of good weed very fragrant. In order to select the best seed, the following points must therefore be validated:

  • Indoor or outdoor culture
  • In the case of outdoor cultivation, find a seed adapted to your climatic zone, cold or temperate climate…
  • Flowering time: an Indica seed (or a cross in Indica dominance) will flower much faster than a Sativa
  • The size of the plants: do you have room to accommodate a plant the size of a baobab?
  • The type of seed: regular, feminized or autoflowering

It is very important to find the best type of marijuana seed that suits every need and taste of its farmer. Indica or sativa, we all have our personal preferences!

Fort Collins, CO

Orange bud

Female cannabis seeds

Feminized seeds (sometimes wrongly called female seeds) are hybrid varieties. They have an immense advantage for budding farmers: they are, as their name suggests, overwhelmingly female. As we all know, in cannabis cultivation, male plants are only used to pollinate female plants. They do not produce resinous heads, and, worse, they reduce the production of female plants. If this is a normal natural process, in weed cultivation it is best to get rid of all male plants as soon as possible. Feminized seeds have been designed with this in mind. Without any male chromosomes, they save time for growers, and are ideal for use in a growing chamber. Indeed, it would be a pity to occupy unnecessarily a precious space for skunk plants that would end up in the bin at the end of their vegetative phase… Feminized seeds exist in different varieties, and are adapted for the most part to all types of crops (open ground, hydroponic, aeroponic, etc.).

Autoflowering seeds

Recently arrived on the market, autoflo seeds are full of advantages. Also called automatic, autoflowering… They produce small plants, perfectly adapted to a small space. Their photoperiod is very simple to manage: 20 hours of light for 4 hours of darkness. This value works for the entire life cycle of the plant, from germination to harvesting. Some online shops buy versions of autoflo seeds from recognized seeds: Amnesia, Haze, White Widow, OG Kush, Moby Dick, Super Skunk automatic etc. There are also XXL versions of these varieties, which guarantee an optimal yield. Their flowering phase is also boosted, and they reach maturity much faster than regular seeds. A top choice for connoisseurs of vigorous canna plants, with a rich genetic heritage and high yield!

CBD and medicinal seeds

Cannabis médicinalMany producers have made the bet in recent years, to focus on therapeutic cannabis. Popularized by CBD (or cannabidiol), which is a cannabinoid like THC, but without psychoactive or psychedelic effects, these hybrids are on the rise. Be careful, however, the CBD used as it is (and not in CBD oil, capsules or liquid) still contains THC and will have some notable effects. Sometimes called medicinal seeds, they can be grown like any other type of plant. Some varieties have been designed with a single purpose in mind, to relieve patients and help them cope with sometimes heavy treatments. Many countries have already legalized therapeutic cannabis, and others are taking a close interest in it. To be continued!

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds?

While Canada and many US states have already legalized recreational and medicinal cannabis, the situation is more complex in Europe. In principle, it is not illegal to order seeds on the Internet, as long as you do not intend to grow cannabis with them. They can be consumed as they are, as they are a source of amino acids. In the seed state, a cannabis seed is not considered narcotic.