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Discount voucher code Sensi Seeds

If you have arrived on this page, it is probably because you are looking for a Sensi Seeds discount code. Based in Amsterdam, Sensi Seeds Bank has built its empire in the supply of cannabis seeds. It is currently the largest seed bank in the world. It offers a wide variety with high yield.

How to use the Sensi Seeds discount voucher code on the site ?

Discount codes are available every month on the site. This allows customers to obtain quality products such as Indica, Sativa, hybrid seeds, but also automatic and feminised seeds without having to pay for it. It is not uncommon to find very good genotypes such as the very famous, White Widow, Haze, Northern Lights… In short, the Dutch company no longer has to make its reputation for the quality of the cannabis seeds it offers.

To access it, open a customer account on the site and log in with your login and password. Place your order normally, you can add your promo code at the last step in your shopping cart, just before payment. There you go! There you go! Seeds of White Diesel Haze Automatic, Super Feminized Skunk or Purple, all at -20%, even -30%! It’s all good !
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The advantages to order at Sensi Seeds Bank

The company is the specialist in indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds. Dominating the sale of seeds for a long time, its products are of superior quality. In each of its shops and even on site, the company offers different varieties of plants and good seed: sativa, autoflowering seeds, feministered seeds, cannabis seeds for beginners, etc. The genetic heritage of these seeds for sale is of exceptional quality. This has earned her many awards at the Cannabis Cup, and she is in the hearts of every marijuana lover in the world (or almost). The tough selection of phenotypes guarantees them a high yield and plants that resist well to the cold climate.

You can buy cannabis seeds online on their website. And to make sure that your order has been processed, the company sends you a confirmation e-mail directly. Also, your goods will be delivered to you within a few days.

Payment and delivery methods

If you wish to buy seeds online, autoflowering seeds, Thc or others, it is good to know that the site does not accept payments via Paypal, international money orders or check. Indeed, you will only have to go through either by bank transfer, or by using your credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or pay in cash in their shop in Amsterdam.

Delivery to Sensi Seeds is one of the huge strengths of this store. Discretion, speed of dispatch…. We find here all the characteristics of a shop with a real commercial sense. Some users, who would have seen their packages disappear, even claimed that Sensi Seeds had made the exchange (and sent a package back) free of charge and without endless discussions. It is one of the best shops to buy Indica, Sativa seeds, or a happy mixture of the two!

Is it legal to order from Sensi Seeds?
The law is clear: you have every right to order seeds, since they do not fall into the category of narcotic drugs. We advise you to check your local law about marijuana.

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